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Reckoning quanta, quantum events – nostalgia for absoluteness?

TABLE OF CONTENTS Alice & Bob et al. measure quantum states & wonder about predicting outcomes. In continuous quantum fields, localized disturbances (excitations) interact and exchange energy between fields – as real outcomes. “We suppress dimensions in order to make sense of things.” Modeling interactions of excitations with vacuum states of quantum fields gets weird.… Continue reading Reckoning quanta, quantum events – nostalgia for absoluteness?

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Knotty fields – quantum-topology-knot theory

[“Knot theory” series] Regarding the topology of fundamental particles as spinors, like the electron, I prefer the term knot, rather than kink or twist or vortex [1]. Then I’m curious about ordering the complexity (à la generations) of these knots. And whether such knots are situated in additional dimensions. Wiki: In quantum field theory, the… Continue reading Knotty fields – quantum-topology-knot theory