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Wavepackets and uncertainty principle

[Preliminary 11-11-2023] [“Quantum foundations” series] Table of contents Context This post was inspired by Don Lincoln’s latest YouTube video (below). Insights from quantum field theory (QFT) have helped me better understand strange aspects of quantum theory [1]. In particular, leaving behind notions of point particles and wave-particle duality, and just going with fields and wavepackets in… Continue reading Wavepackets and uncertainty principle

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QFT – fields and wave packets

[“Quantum foundations” series] TABLE OF CONTENTS QUANTUM FIELD THEORY (QFT) LANDSCAPE Some recent articles prompted me to further explore (revisit once again, eh) some key features of quantum field theory (QFT). Without grasping all the esoteric math. As noted in a prior post (“QFT – How many fields are there?“), not all physicists tally these… Continue reading QFT – fields and wave packets

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Reality of fields, language of particles – the Standard Model

[Communicating science] To understand contemporary physics, particularly quantum theory, the Standard Model is essential. This article includes an excellent video overview: • Quanta Magazine > Math Meets QFT > “A Video Tour of the Standard Model” by Kevin Hartnett, Senior Writer/Editor (July 16, 2021) (quote) Physicists would like to move beyond the Standard Model to… Continue reading Reality of fields, language of particles – the Standard Model

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QFT – How many fields are there?

[“Building a ‘verse” series] Ever since I started reading about Quantum Field Theory (QFT), I was interested in how physicists talk about fields. And the multiplicity of fields. And how quantum fields compare to classical fields. So, as I’ve written elsewhere, the basic notion is that every matter particle is an excitation (or localized vibration)… Continue reading QFT – How many fields are there?

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Is reality digital or analog?

While studying physics this past year, I noticed tension between theoretical and experimental physicists, especially between younger quantum field theoreticians and veteran particle physicists — regarding deep reality and the various formulations of quantum mechanics (addressed in another post). Revisiting some archived debates, this philosophical question (“Is reality digital or analog?”) was posed in an essay… Continue reading Is reality digital or analog?