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The degree of entanglement – quantifying an entangled system

INTRODUCTION Remember pet rocks? So, what if someone gave you a gift, claiming it was even better than a Moon rock or Mars pebble. Something almost magical. An expensive novelty item. As advertised on TV: “Tangled Blocks” … go quantum! do Einstein spooky action! each block contains a particle entangled with one in the other… Continue reading The degree of entanglement – quantifying an entangled system

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Imaging at the molecular and atomic level

Here’re some articles on advanced microscopy research, including quantum microscopy by coincidence. Not included (as yet) below is an article about nano fab of crystal lattices – direct deposition of individual atoms at lattice sites vs. more conventional doping (impurity) techniques. 1 . Studying ultrafast molecular dynamics • > “Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy: Watching molecules… Continue reading Imaging at the molecular and atomic level

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2022 Nobel Prize – ‘spooky action’ pioneers

[Draft] [“Quantum foundations” series] [“What’s changed in the last ~50 years” series] TABLE OF CONTENTS The buzz Proving that quantum entanglement is real Media articles Takeaways Notes Related posts THE BUZZ Much buzz on Tuesday October 4, 2022, as media marked the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics. So many articles – a hopeful indication regarding… Continue reading 2022 Nobel Prize – ‘spooky action’ pioneers

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Spooky action vs. spooky communication

Is communication at faster than the speed of light possible – actual, instantaneous communication across vast distances using entangled (so-called) particles? After a conversation with an acquaintance last June … He was reading Katie Mack’s book re cosmology, and said that entanglement permitted instantaneous communication. He referenced information theory. And that information requires no “embodiment.”… Continue reading Spooky action vs. spooky communication

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What the heck is quantum entanglement?

[“Communicating science” series] [“Quantum foundations” series] [“What the heck” series] I’ve written about entanglement in prior posts and comments. Over a year ago, I also wrote some preliminary notes. A recent issue of The Caltech Weekly (April 14, 2022) prompted this post. In part because of my ongoing search for better, more compelling analogies (for… Continue reading What the heck is quantum entanglement?

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Image of entangled photons?

[Topic placeholder] [Developing story] Today’s news cycle contains articles about research by some physicists at the University of Glasgow who claim to have imaged entangled photons. Looks like they used a precision laser-based, table-top optical bench system. This Cnet article is a basic summary of the research: “Einstein called it ‘spooky action.’ Here’s an image… Continue reading Image of entangled photons?

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Correspondence principle RIP?

In reading Louisa Gilder’s book The Age of Entanglement, I was reminded of Bohr’s correspondence principle1 (originally analogy principle and also referred to as “Bohr’s magic wand”). I hadn’t thought about it much lately. Other than a few times in Lederman’s book Quantum Physics for Poets, the term wasn’t referenced in the other physics books… Continue reading Correspondence principle RIP?

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Quantum transport

After reading Chad Orzel’s article “How Do You Create Quantum Entanglement?” I discovered this 2011 TEDx 18′ video in which physicist Leo Kouwenhoven talks about what his lab at Delft University of Technology is actually building on the basis of spooky quantum superposition and entanglement. “Spooky” physics – Leo Kouwenhoven ( TEDxDelft) – uploaded on Nov 28, 2011. What… Continue reading Quantum transport

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How to create entangled photon pairs

Have you ever counted the number of things that you own which use lasers?1 One of the best know devices emerging from our understanding of quantum physics is the laser. Remember the meaning of the acronym? Laser pointers are cool, eh. We rely on lasers for communications, entertainment, health & safety, defense, retail services, manufacturing,… Continue reading How to create entangled photon pairs

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Pondering the infinitely small and large

So, after viewing some documentaries on modern physics and reading some books by “rock stars” in the field (see below), I felt a need to revisit my past musings, review topics and terminology, and organize all the “wow!” and “huh?” moments in my exploration. Recent media experiences: Everything and Nothing, two linked TV documentaries on Cosmology (Everything about… Continue reading Pondering the infinitely small and large