The entangled ‘verse
[sort of a poem]

1. The universe is reliably itself.
2. The universe is impersonal, but personalizing.
3. Organisms grow out of the universe. (They do not “come” into it.)
4. Man is an organism.

Copyright © 1974, 2017 John P. Healy

2017 Note: The universe is purposeless but purposeful:
“How can an intrinsically purposeless process lead to the existence of purposes?”
“The universe doesn’t care about us, but we care about the universe.”
— Carroll, Sean, The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself (p. 293, 422).

from Sisyphus in the back yard

the gods sported and faded from the press,
the universe returning as its own address.
what Olympus was now passes to us —
we scale ourselves and return Sisyphus

Copyright © 1975, 2017 John P. Healy

Beyond all gloss

Leave the stage of everyday …
go behind the scenes,
beyond all gloss …
until there’s just the lower bound

What remains?
What only can be imagined …
perhaps modeled mathematically

What are the words (or poetry)
to frame such a construct,
it’s structure and topology?

How does the everyday emerge
from that matrix effectively?

Copyright © 2024 John P. Healy