Midstream Musingswe scale ourselves and return Sisyphus

  • MORE LESSONS … (from gerbil poems) these beasts at the end of my desk, these gerbils, my living phylacteries, busy themselves in front of me, as if to say, “what is there more than eat, work, sleep, and sex? what is this talk of symbols in decay?”
  • midstream I we are suddenlyone that needs care.germinating in a culture,located within a history,of lives living midstream,even as we do II as we look, learn,taught the to and frowith that which is named,understood and then understood.centered midstream amongthe arrow of entropy, neg-entropy,flowing,even as we do III we operate without knowing,living […]
  • Can space travel – at least orbiting the Earth – cause cognitive shifts? Really be transformative – have lasting impact? [1] Generally, studies note variability in the experience. And not all astronauts experience the overview effect. (Wiki) Author [“space philosopher”] Frank White, who in the 1980s coined the term overview […]
  • I’ve read online articles about gaslighting. By publishers such as Psychology Today, Washington Post, Wired, Huffpost. Hopefully most everyone understands what this is about – in personal & social relationships, corporate PR, and politics. Misleading communications, misinformation, manipulation, abuse. As Carl Sagan discussed regarding critical thinking skills, a good “baloney […]
  • The meaning of life in one word? Well, sort of … • Matter• It matters• What matters• Mattering – you matter So, matter, matters, mattering … [1] Matter: Connection requires stuff. Matter is stuff. Without stuff, nothing matters. It matters: The fact that there’s stuff and that we emerged from that […]
  • 6-19-2010 where there is no understanding, superstition reigns. where there is some understanding, superstition reigns. where there is understanding, superstition remains. such is humanity.
  • Here's an article which summarizes a study on the role of daily conversation in maintaining a sense of belonging. A sense of connection. And managing stress. • Science Daily > "Just one quality conversation with a friend boosts daily well-being" by University of Kansas (February 2, 2023) – These are […]
  • The many flavors of awe [1], both brief and enduring. Down-to-earth awe – sources of quotidian awe: people (affirmative acts), inspiring stories, the arts, walks ("extend the self into the environment"). • The Atlantic > "The Quiet Profundity of Everyday Awe" by Dacher Keltner (January 3, 2023) [excerpted from his […]
  • Another take on Oxford University Press' word of the year 2022. • The Atlantic > Culture > "We're All Capable of Going 'Goblin Mode'" by Caleb Madison (December 10, 2022) – In goblin mode, we can become our true wild selves, unkempt and offstage, triumphantly invisible to the public eye. […]
  • Here's Oxford University Press' word of the year 2022 (the Press publishes the Oxford English Dictionary). The article includes the runner-up words, as well as past words of the year. • > "Oxford word of the year 2022 revealed as 'goblin mode'" by Imogen James, BBC News (12-5-2022) The […]