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  • I regularly chat with an aspiring screenwriter about writing stories, narrative arcs, TV streaming series & films, … So, recently the ‘Beacon 23’ series returned to MGM+ for a second season. I watched the first season on Amazon Prime. There’s something about beacons (and lighthouses) – guides in the void. […]
  • I sort of cringe when I hear about microscopic images which show “visible, jagged-edged ‘foreign bodies'” in our cells. And yet, there’s the more familiar lead thing. Who wants lead in our water supply (tap, bottled, etc.)? Aren’t all parents concerned? How have perspectives and perceptions changed in the past? […]
  • So, the recent congressional hearing Big Tech and the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Crisis reminded me of social media’s ongoing saga of good, bad & ugly – both its direct impact and parallel political drama. Perhaps there’s a path forward with collaborative bills, updates to Section 230 of the Communications […]
  • “Enraged & engaged.” Is it all just about anger and money (power)? This year (2024) I’ve already got unsolicited (and somewhat puzzling) emails from novice political candidates in other, far away states. Likely cranked out by the tens of thousands from compiled, commercial mailing lists. The contents always have a […]
  • “Becoming a person of character” is a lifelong process … with challenges of growth vs. stagnation … and meeting “our intrinsic need for recognition and affirmation” [1]. Profiling successful people is an interesting exercise. Trying to characterize their key traits. Two articles … This article discusses letting go of behaviors […]
  • Looks like "diet, exercise, and sleep are the best interventions for longevity." At the molecular level: chemical damage … protein synthesis … cell damage (senescent cells) … inflammation … tissue damage … organs … At the policy level: other priorities … age-related diseases … the inequality thing … Epigenetics (honey […]
  • Elder care. Human attention. Whether at home, at an assisted living center, or in a nursing home. The cost. The workers. Turnover. The role of technology. My mom had in-home contracted caregivers for her last few years. During my extended visits, it always took awhile to learn all their names […]
  • Speaking of lead in our drinking water: There is no known safe level. (Children are especially vulnerable.) There's a cost. There's equity. There's politics. What's the timeline? • LA Times > Perspectives > "GOP would rather keep poisoning kids with lead" by Michael Hiltzik (March 13, 2024) – The lead […]
  • Social media at scale, 24/7, what could go wrong, eh? This article discusses social media as an insidious tech platform which addicts developing brains to "low quality" experiences, a false sense of belonging. Follow the math (the daily screen time numbers). • Psychology Today > "We're Running a Risky Cognitive […]
  • So, is there a relationship between the cosmos and consciousness? – a "mirroring" of cosmic dynamics? A Shakespearean-like perspective on drama in the heavens and on the human stage. Well, this article explores that question: Carl Sagan's star stuff … a lot of Nietzsche … the anthropic principle [hmm] … […]