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    • Ten Years of Research Through the Resnick Sustainability Institute
      In 2009, the Resnick Sustainability Institute (RSI) was established at Caltech with the mission of advancing sustainability—the practice of tailoring human activities to minimize impact on the planet—and the institute has supported cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines. The RSI provided seed funds to researchers throughout Caltech's divisions and funded 96 Resnick fellows (graduate students and […]
    • Showcasing Student Talent
      On November 16 and 17, the Caltech Orchestra will present its Student Soloist Showcase in Ramo Auditorium. The concerts will feature five Caltech students performing solo works with the orchestra.“In designing this program,” says Glenn Price, interim director of the Caltech Orchestra and director of performing and visual arts, “we were able to choose from […]
    • New Polymer Releases Molecular Cargo in Response to Force
      Caltech scientists have developed a new kind of polymer that can carry a chemical payload as part of its molecular structure and release it in response to mechanical stress. The chemical system they have developed could one day be used to create medical implants that can release drugs into the body when triggered by something […]
    • JPL News: A Third of California Methane Traced to a Few Super-Emitters
      Scientists at JPL, which Caltech manages for NASA, are helping California create a detailed, statewide inventory of methane point sources — highly concentrated methane releases from single sources — using a specialized airborne sensor. The new data, published this week in the journal Nature, can be used to target actions to reduce emissions of this […]
    • Unlocking Turbulence
      Caltech engineer exploits the repeating structure of turbulence to create a more complete model of the phenomenonA Caltech engineer has unlocked some of the secrets behind turbulence, a much-studied but difficult-to-pin-down phenomenon that mixes fluids when they flow past a solid boundary.Beverly McKeon, the Theodore von Kármán Professor of Aeronautics in the Division of Engineering […]
    • Algorithms Seek Out Voter Fraud
      Concerns over voter fraud have surged in recent years, especially after federal officials reported that Russian hackers attempted to access voter records in the 2016 presidential election. Administrative voting errors have been reported, too; for example, an audit by state officials revealed that 84,000 voter records were inadvertently duplicated by the California Department of Motor […]
    • International Academy of Astronautics awards highest honor to Charles Elachi
      Charles Elachi, professor emeritus of electrical engineering and planetary science, has received the International Academy of Astronautics’ highest honor: the Theodore von Kármán Award, which recognizes outstanding lifetime achievements in any branch of science.The academy honored Elachi at the organization’s annual awards ceremony on October 20 in Washington, D.C., for “a lifetime of scientific and […]
    • Emperor of Japan to Bestow Medal of Honor on Hirosi Ooguri
      The government of Japan is honoring Hirosi Ooguri, the Fred Kavli Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, with a Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon. Japan's Medals of Honor are high-profile government awards; those with a purple ribbon are given for contributions to the arts and sciences.The Emperor of Japan, Naruhito, will confer medals to […]
    • Watson Lecture, November 6: Stevan Nadj-Perge
      Are there limits to how small electronic devices can be?In his November 6 Watson Lecture, Stevan Nadj-Perge, assistant professor of applied physics and materials science and 2017 Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) Wheatley Scholar, will discuss how materials that are only a few atoms thick can be stacked together, not unlike Lego bricks, in limitless different […]
    • Admiral Michael G. Mullen Elected as New Caltech Trustee
      Admiral Michael G. Mullen, who as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under presidents Bush and Obama was the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, has been elected to Caltech's Board of Trustees.Mullen served as the 28th chief of Naval Operations from 2005 to 2007 and as the 17th chairman of the Joint […]