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Reckoning quanta, quantum events – nostalgia for absoluteness?

TABLE OF CONTENTS Alice & Bob et al. measure quantum states & wonder about predicting outcomes. In continuous quantum fields, localized disturbances (excitations) interact and exchange energy between fields – as real outcomes. “We suppress dimensions in order to make sense of things.” Modeling interactions of excitations with vacuum states of quantum fields gets weird.… Continue reading Reckoning quanta, quantum events – nostalgia for absoluteness?

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A force-less physics?

[“Quantum foundations” series] Force-less physics? No, I do NOT mean that the language of forces (electromagnetism, strong, weak, gravity) does not apply to our everyday experience or to physical descriptions. But only to a point, yes, as maybe counterproductive to deeper understanding. To getting beyond the Standard Model [7]. To understanding how the wave function is… Continue reading A force-less physics?

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Sisyphean hierarchy

In the chapter “Beyond this horizon,” Sean Carroll discusses two related problems involving properties of empty space. Before discussing the vacuum energy problem, he profiles the so-called hierarchy problem in the cosmic energy scale. It’s about the effects of virtual particles. The energy scale that characterizes the weak interactions (the Higgs field value, 246 GeV)… Continue reading Sisyphean hierarchy