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    • Thanksgiving November 28, 2019
      This year we give thanks for space. (We’ve previously given thanks for the Standard Model Lagrangian, Hubble’s Law, the Spin-Statistics Theorem, conservation of momentum, effective field theory, the error bar, gauge symmetry, Landauer’s Principle, the Fourier Transform, Riemannian Geometry, the … Continue reading →Related Posts:Why Can't We Visualize More Than Three Dimensions?Why 10 or 11?How […]
    • The Notorious Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser September 21, 2019
      Note: It is in the nature of book-writing that sometimes you write things that don’t end up appearing in the final book. I had a few such examples for Something Deeply Hidden, my book on quantum mechanics, Many-Worlds, and emergent … Continue reading →Related Posts:From Eternity to Book Club: Chapter ElevenEverything You Ever Wanted to […]
    • Spacetime and Geometry: Now at Cambridge University Press July 8, 2019
      Hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the publication of Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity, my graduate-level textbook on everyone’s favorite theory of gravititation. The book has become quite popular, being used as a text in … Continue reading →Related Posts:Wasn't the truth good enough?Speaking of shameless self-promotionGuest Post: Marc Sher […]
    • True Facts About Cosmology (or, Misconceptions Skewered) January 12, 2019
      I talked a bit on Twitter last night about the Past Hypothesis and the low entropy of the early universe. Responses reminded me that there are still some significant misconceptions about the universe (and the state of our knowledge thereof) … Continue reading →Related Posts:MisconceptionsMisunderconceptionatedAgainst Bounces
    • Thanksgiving November 22, 2018
      This year we give thanks for an historically influential set of celestial bodies, the moons of Jupiter. (We’ve previously given thanks for the Standard Model Lagrangian, Hubble’s Law, the Spin-Statistics Theorem, conservation of momentum, effective field theory, the error bar, … Continue reading →Related Posts:SednaElsewhereHelp Populate the (Solar System’s) Underworld
    • Atiyah and the Fine-Structure Constant September 25, 2018
      Sir Michael Atiyah, one of the world’s greatest living mathematicians, has proposed a derivation of α, the fine-structure constant of quantum electrodynamics. A preprint is here. The math here is not my forte, but from the theoretical-physics point of view, … Continue reading →Related Posts:Raoul Bott, 1923-2005The Fine Structure Constant is Probably ConstantHow Quantum Field […]
    • Mindscape Podcast July 26, 2018
      For anyone who hasn’t been following along on other social media, the big news is that I’ve started a podcast, called Mindscape. It’s still young, but early returns are promising! I won’t be posting each new episode here; the podcast … Continue reading →Related Posts:Skeptically SpeakingInfinite Monkey CageUse the Internets to Learn Stuff
    • On Civility June 25, 2018
      White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders went to have dinner at a local restaurant the other day. The owner, who is adamantly opposed to the policies of the Trump administration, politely asked her to leave, and she did. Now (who … Continue reading →Related Posts:War CrimesIn which I reveal an embarassing youthful episodeThe Moral Equivalent […]
    • Intro to Cosmology Videos May 14, 2018
      In completely separate video news, here are videos of lectures I gave at CERN several years ago: “Cosmology for Particle Physicists” (May 2005). These are slightly technical — at the very least they presume you know calculus and basic physics … Continue reading →Related Posts:GeneveCERN Lectures on Cosmology and Particle PhysicsThe highest energy physics
    • User-Friendly Naturalism Videos May 10, 2018
      Some of you might be familiar with the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop I organized way back in 2012. For two and a half days, an interdisciplinary group of naturalists (in the sense of “not believing in the supernatural”) sat around … Continue reading →Related Posts:Help Wanted: Moving Naturalism ForwardMoving Naturalism ForwardMoving Naturalism Forward: Videos and […]