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Communicating what physics says — Domain of Science YouTube channel

Today’s post is somewhat different than usual. I’m highlighting a YouTube channel.

Communicating science to a general audience has a long history. The bibliography for my physics blog contains some books by authors to this purpose. Modern physics has many great stories, and the just plain strangeness of quantum physics lends itself to great storytelling. I’m particularly interested in efforts using visualization (which includes dramatization) to communicate what physics says.

The Online Video section of my physics blog contains examples of lectures and visualizations. Most of these presentations are by well-published “rock stars” or scientists at universities and research facilities.

And then there are small teams or “lone rangers” with a passion for explaining what physics says, whether they have any formal title such as visualization scientist or science communicator.

Which gets me to Dominic Walliman’s Domain of Science YouTube channel. I discovered this channel today due to a Sciencealert.com article “This Genius Map Explains How Everything in Physics Fits Together” (August 9, 2018).

To straighten that out once and for all, YouTuber Dominic Walliman has created a map that shows how the many branches of physics link together, from the earliest days of classical physics and Isaac Newton, all the way through to Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics (with a little bit of philosophy thrown in there for good measure).

[The Map of Physics YouTube video published on Nov 27, 2016]

Here’s Walliman’s description for his channel:

Hey welcome to the Domain of Science. I’m Dominic Walliman and I make these videos. I love science, and really like finding ways of explaining it to others because learning something new is the best, and science has a lot of mind-blowing stuff in it.

I have done a lot of quantum physics in the past, I did a PhD in quantum device physics and worked at a quantum computer company called D-Wave. As well as making these videos I write children’s books about science with Professor Astro Cat. http://www.google.com/search?q=professor+astro+cat

His other YouTube videos include:

  • 5 Quantum Computing Misconceptions
  • Quantum Supremacy Explained
  • 5 ways you use quantum technology every day
  • Your Quantum Nose: How Smell Works
  • The Map of Mathematics
  • Gravitational Waves Are Awesome
  • Quantum Computing
Physics history image
The Map of Physics by Dominic Walliman