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Quantum transport

After reading Chad Orzel’s article “How Do You Create Quantum Entanglement?” I discovered this 2011 TEDx 18′ video in which physicist Leo Kouwenhoven talks about what his lab at Delft University of Technology is actually building on the basis of spooky quantum superposition and entanglement. “Spooky” physics – Leo Kouwenhoven ( TEDxDelft) – uploaded on Nov 28, 2011. What… Continue reading Quantum transport

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How to create entangled photon pairs

Have you ever counted the number of things that you own which use lasers?1 One of the best know devices emerging from our understanding of quantum physics is the laser. Remember the meaning of the acronym? Laser pointers are cool, eh. We rely on lasers for communications, entertainment, health & safety, defense, retail services, manufacturing,… Continue reading How to create entangled photon pairs

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Sisyphean hierarchy

In the chapter “Beyond this horizon,” Sean Carroll discusses two related problems involving properties of empty space. Before discussing the vacuum energy problem, he profiles the so-called hierarchy problem in the cosmic energy scale. It’s about the effects of virtual particles. The energy scale that characterizes the weak interactions (the Higgs field value, 246 GeV)… Continue reading Sisyphean hierarchy

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Symmetry → connection field → force of nature

Here’s my take on gauge symmetry after reading about the concept (some references are listed below). There are mathematical frameworks for space, and in physics there are equations of motion for space. A mathematical framework deals with geometric and numeric objects. In everyday life we basically equate these objects in a Euclidean space using the… Continue reading Symmetry → connection field → force of nature