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A particle by any other name?

[“What’s changed in the last ~50 years” series] Fundamental particles have properties; but not due to any constituents (cf. Feynman’s dilemma for an electron’s charge [1]). So, mathematical patterns of … localized “knots” (tangles or twists as in Möbius strips) – particular symmetries – of space-time energy? A landscape of colliding (interacting) ripples … How… Continue reading A particle by any other name?

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The future of (particle) physics?

UPDATE JULY 4, 2022 Questions [Joachim Mnich, CERN‘s head of research and computing]: “Is the Higgs boson really a fundamental particle or is it a composite?” “Is it the only Higgs-like particle that exists—or are there others?” • Phys.org > “Large Hadron Collider revs up to unprecedented energy level” by Pierre CELERIER (July 4, 2022)… Continue reading The future of (particle) physics?