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DUNE – digging for neutrinos, not spice

[Big Science, quantum foundations] While already following this Big Science project [1], with construction underway (for the next 3 years), I felt that a specific post was appropriate. The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a massive worldwide collaboration between countries, organizations, and over a 1000 scientists. All hail neutrinos! [2] I spent some time… Continue reading DUNE – digging for neutrinos, not spice

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Blazar neutrinos

I’ve written elsewhere about neutrinos (aka “ghost particles”). The latest news is about a particular discovery — a major team effort — as to the source of some of the most energetic ones. Many articles. Some contain illustrations. High-Energy ‘Ghost Particle’ Traced to Distant Galaxy in Astronomy Breakthrough Most of these neutrinos come from the… Continue reading Blazar neutrinos