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Unitarity forever? – in an expanding universe

[“Quantum foundations” series] I encountered a Wired reprint of a Quanta Magazine article which I’d flagged awhile ago; so, it’s time to write a new post. While reconciling Quantum Theory and General Relativity is an ongoing topic, I found this Quanta Magazine article interesting for its discussion of unitarity and Hilbert space. Although based on… Continue reading Unitarity forever? – in an expanding universe

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Age of universe — implications?

Imagine doing a survey where you ask people “How old is the universe?” – as a multiple choice question: 1,000’s of years 100,000’s of years Millions of years Billions of years Other _______________ What would you expect as a result? Quite a mix? Well, among scientists this question is essentially settled, as indicated in some… Continue reading Age of universe — implications?