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Unitarity forever? – in an expanding universe

[“Quantum foundations” series] I encountered a Wired reprint of a Quanta Magazine article which I’d flagged awhile ago; so, it’s time to write a new post. While reconciling Quantum Theory and General Relativity is an ongoing topic, I found this Quanta Magazine article interesting for its discussion of unitarity and Hilbert space. Although based on… Continue reading Unitarity forever? – in an expanding universe

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Age of universe — implications?

Imagine doing a survey where you ask people “How old is the universe?” – as a multiple choice question: 1,000’s of years 100,000’s of years Millions of years Billions of years Other _______________ What would you expect as a result? Quite a mix? Well, among scientists this question is essentially settled, as indicated in some… Continue reading Age of universe — implications?

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Hidden in plain sight — dark matter posted an article on June 15, 2017, which is a good summary of this topic — “What is dark matter?” Roughly 80 percent of the mass of the universe is made up of material that scientists cannot directly observe. Known as dark matter, this bizarre ingredient does not emit light or energy. So why… Continue reading Hidden in plain sight — dark matter